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On page 999, line 7, the sentence "The quick brown fox the lazy dog." should read "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

Both the authors kindly thank-you the readers in advance for a
ny updates, notices, and reports of errors and mistakes contained in the book.

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x 15  8.3 Completeness of Two OISCs  8.3 Completeness of Two OISC Instructions  Word omission—the word ‘Instructions’, change ‘OISCs’ to
18  8.3.3 Half Adder  8.3.3 Half-Adder  Typo – insert dash between words
x 22  9.1.1 Stack (0-operand)  9.1.1 Stack  Phrase removal – remove “(0-operand)"
xi 6  10.2.2 Macroparallelism  10.2.2 Macro-parallelism  Typo – insert dash between words
21 15
 p-machine  P-code machine  Word replacement ‘p-machine’ with ‘P-code machine’
 28  ...on the instruction set. Is it...
 ...on the instruction set and the access to memory. Is it...
 Phrase inclusion – ‘and the access to memory’
 29  ...types as RISC or CISC?  ...types as specified by Hennessey and Patterson as RISC or CISC?  Phrase inclusion – ‘as specified by Hennessey and Patterson’
39 7 integrated co-processors integrated coprocessors Typo – remove hyphen
 19  One recent development is that...  One recent development at the time of the writing of this text in 2003 is that...  Phrase inclusion – ‘at the time of the writing of this text in 2003‘
50  13  ...of the theoretical models...  ...of the theoretical one instruction models...  Word omission—add the words ‘one
54  15  In what context does...
 In what historical context does...  Word omission – add the word ‘historical’
64  70  Setthe  set the  Typo – include space between words
85  39  Subtractin  Subtracting  Spelling—include missing ‘g’
112 14  ...then implement it with one...  then implement it using a one...  Word replacement ‘with’ with ‘using a’
14  one-instruction  one instruction  Typo – remove dash between words
112 35  For a computer of your choice implement...  For a computer architecture or processor of your choice implement...  Phrase omission – ‘architecture or
112  36  ... that either SBN or
MOVE are available.
 ...that either SBN or MOVE is available.  Word replacement ‘are’
with ‘is’.
119  43  true"parallelism
 true "parallelism  Typo – include missing space between word and quotation
127  3  von neumann  von Neumann  Typo—capitalize N for proper noun
128 19
 nonconflicting  non-conflicting  Typo – include dash between words
131  12  uniprocesor  uniprocessor  Spelling – include missing letter ‘s’
132  8  one-instruction  one instruction  Typo – remove dash between words
157  2  ...such as biological, optical, quantum, or...  ...such as biological, optical,
quantum, molecular, or...
 Word inclusion—add another category ‘molecular,’ with comma
 14  principal  principle  Word replacement ‘principal’ with
170  39  BMI (Branch on MInus)  BMI (Branch on MInus)  Spacing – Line Before, Font – Bold Font
174  27  LSR (Logical Shift Right)  LSR (Logical Shift Right)  Font – Bold Font
174  5  DEX (DEcrement X)  DEX (DEcrement X)  Font – Bold Font
177  34  PLP (PuLl Processor status)  PLP (PuLl Processor status)  Font – Bold Font

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