One-Instruction Set Computer Projects

These one instruction computer projects were developed by some very creative and smart people, but not in affiliation with the authors or in conjunction with the book. Each individual outside project implements a different one instruction set computer using a different kind of one instruction with some repeats among the projects. 

All of the one instruction implementation projects are quite impressive and extremely fascinating--demonstrating in practice the workings and possibilities of a one instruction computer. The projects are listed alphabetically and open in a new browser window. 

The various projects are:

        Please e-mail if you have a one-instruction computer project and want it added to the listing. 

Disclaimer: Caveat emptor! The links to each project illustrate a practical implementation of a one-instruction computer. The authors are not responsible for the details or specifics of each outside project. The listing of outside projects is a courtesy for the readers and those curious about the one-instruction set computer.